Some Must-Read Info on Epidurals

The decision of whether or not to get an epidural during labor can be really tricky to make. I've heard a wide variety of questions from expectant parents trying to do just that. How will it change my birth experience beyond relieving pain? Will it affect my baby in any way? How am I even supposed to decide before I know what labor feels like? And maybe the biggest question out there: will getting an epidural increase my chance of needing a C-section?

Getting some basic--and not-so-basic--info about epidurals is the first step to making this very personal decision about your birth. The article linked below shares some incredibly useful information about how epidurals work, their benefits and risks, and how they affect, or don't affect, different aspects of labor and birth. No matter your decision about medication during labor, I highly recommend this in-depth and informative read! -Camille