Doula Care: Insights from a Seasoned Childbirth Professional

So what exactly can you expect from doula care anyway? Sure, a doula helps you remember to breathe, and she comes to your birth, but what does that really mean? If you're interested in learning more about the specific type of care that a doula can offer your birth, there's a podcast that you should absolutely be listening to. Childbirth educator, author, and all-around powerhouse Adriana Lozada's The Birthful Podcast has an episode for just about any facet of childbirth and the postpartum period that you can think of. From birth stories spanning a wide variety of experiences to episodes featuring interviews with midwives, doctors, and lactation specialists--if you can name it, this podcast probably has an episode on it!

The episode that I'd like to share focuses on the particulars of doula care, and delves into the reasons to consider working with a doula for your birth. Sharon Muza, who is the featured guest on this episode, is a seasoned childbirth professional with diverse qualifications, including work as a doula and doula trainer. Her insights into the doula profession are invaluable for anyone curious about hiring a doula for their birth. I really recommend checking out the episode below! -Camille