Camille Dozier, Doula

What is a Doula?


The role of a doula extends back into history for thousands of years. For as long as women have been giving birth, there has been a recognized need in birthing mothers for the support of a woman whose sole purpose is to see to their physical and emotional comfort throughout the journey of childbirth.

A doula provides continuous support during labor through the use of empowering words, soothing touch, positioning, and so much more.

Mothers who give birth with the help of a doula are statistically shown to have better birth outcomes, less need for medical interventions during labor and birth, and to report more satisfying birth experiences. Doulas build a community of support surrounding birth and new motherhood that is as valuable now as it has ever been.

Baby's feet

Is hiring a doula right for your family?

Here's what to think about before hiring a doula...

  • Family situation - expectant parents who don't have family close by may choose to hire a doula as birth support.
  • Your support circle - a doula can help you build a community of support surrounding birth and new parenthood, or she can complement your already existing support.
  • Your ideal birth experience - how do you see yourself giving birth? Hiring a doula is a great way to help you get there.
  • Budget - professional doula support is an added birth expense--and a wonderful baby shower gift!