Camille Dozier, Doula
Camille Dozier, Doula
Camille Dozier, Birth & Postpartum Doula in Washington, DC

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Camille is a doula serving the Washington, DC metro area. She received professional doula training in 2017 from DONA International, the world's leading organization in training and certifying doulas. Camille is committed to serving mothers and families who seek empowerment through the experience of childbirth. 


Camille's Mission

Camille's mission as a doula is to create empowering birth experiences for new mothers as defined by the mothers themselves. In a culture that has taken control over labor and birth away from women, Camille seeks to give control and decision-making back to birthing mothers.

She hopes to foster confidence in mothers to have a positive birth experience as they deliver a new life.



One Family's Doula Experience

Camille worked with Randy and Shauna to help them through labor and delivery of their daughter. 

Camille worked with Randy and Shauna to help them through labor and delivery of their daughter. 

Shauna's experience with Camille

"I didn’t even know what a doula was until several weeks into my pregnancy. After learning about the purpose of a doula, I wanted to learn everything I could do to avoid medication (even though at the beginning I didn’t think I could give birth without an epidural).

My husband and I interviewed several doulas in the Washington, DC metro area. We chose Camille as our doula because of her enthusiasm to empower women and help them get through whatever labor and delivery options they chose. Throughout our prenatal visits, she was very knowledgeable about laboring tactics and what to do in different situations. She also helped me to see what I might like during labor. She helped my husband and I to understand how the big day might go and how to help each other through it.

On the big day and throughout about 15 hours of labor – without an epidural – Camille was an amazing addition to my birth team. She reminded me of things we learned at our prenatal visits.

While my husband was my main emotional support, Camille supported me physically when my contractions came and relieved my back pain. She was also another great emotional support voice as she said all of the right things to encourage me that I could do it. I wouldn’t have my first child any other way."